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Shahid Haque informs Latinos in Montana about their rights if they encounter local police officers who ask about their immigration status, as well as what to expect if you are ever arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement ("ICE") and placed into deportation proceedings.
We have a broad and diverse immigrant population in Montana -- more than most realize. There are a lot of issues that immigrants face in Montana. Shahid Haque has represented over a thousand Montana immigrants and their families, and has significant knowledge about issued and trends facing immigrants in Montana.

Shahid Haque Interviewed by Brian Kahn for Home Ground Radio

Home Ground Radio, hosted by Brian Kahn, is one of the most intellectually stimulating radio programs in the state of Montana.   We were proud to be asked to appear on the show to discuss immigration issues, and found it to be a great experience.  The interview was described as follows:

During the 2012 election, illegal immigration was a red-hot topic. But we didn’t learn much about who illegal immigrants are, why they come to America, or the pros and cons of allowing them to stay. Shahid Haque provides some context.

You can listen to the whole interview here:[audio]

Home Ground Radio is aired on Montana Public Radio and Yellowstone Public Radio. You can also listen to the archive  of programs over the years.