Podcast Interview: The Rational Middle

February 9, 2023Shahid Haque

I had a great time chatting with Carter Carroll on The Rational Middle about our Open Borders app, immigration in Montana and more.

The Rational Middle is a podcast that inspires fact-based discussions to find real-world solutions to our greatest challenges.

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Small Steps to Move Immigration Forward: DW Gibson The Rational Middle

DW Gibson is an American journalist, author, radio host, and cultural critic. He is also the author of the 2020 book, 14 Miles: Building the Border Wall, about the border wall that Former President Trump was building, and its impact on the lives of local residents. DW joins host Loren Steffy to discuss updates on the border wall and other movements that are gaining traction in the immigration policy reform space.
  1. Small Steps to Move Immigration Forward: DW Gibson
  2. How Foreign-Born STEM Workers Are Making This Country Better: Amy Nice
  3. The Problems inside Detention Centers: Mary Yanik and Homero López
  4. What needs to change to help Asylum Seekers: Zachary Manfredi
  5. There is No America without Immigrants: Dr. Hasia Diner and Dr. Carl Bon Tempo

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