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Shahid Haque informs Latinos in Montana about their rights if they encounter local police officers who ask about their immigration status, as well as what to expect if you are ever arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement ("ICE") and placed into deportation proceedings.
We have a broad and diverse immigrant population in Montana -- more than most realize. There are a lot of issues that immigrants face in Montana. Shahid Haque has represented over a thousand Montana immigrants and their families, and has significant knowledge about issued and trends facing immigrants in Montana.

Posts in Montana Legislature
Video: Forum at Carroll College on LR-121, Montana's Anti-Immigrant Law

On October 29, 2012, Professor Alan Hansen of Carroll College hosted a forum to discuss LR-121, the "proof of citizenship" referendum.  The speakers were Shahid Haque (founder of the Border Crossing Law Firm, P.C. and President of the Montana Immigrant Justice Alliance "MIJA"), Moe Wosepka (Executive Director of the Montana Catholic Conference), and Professor Jeremy Johnson.  

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Interview on PoliticktickBOOM, a local Podcast.

Shahid Haque, founder of the Border Crossing Law Firm, P.C., had fun talking to Kev Hamm for this week's episode of his podcast, PoliticktickBOOM! We discussed LR-121, the state of Montana's anti-immigrant referendum, the anti-immigrant laws proposed in the Montana legislature, the suspension of the top Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer in the state, and much more.

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Jesse Laslovich's Voting Record on Immigration Bills in the Montana Legislature

Jesse Laslovich is running for Montana Attorney General, and faces a Democratic primary this June. Jesse Laslovich has served in the Montana legislature since 2000 -- first in the Montana State House of Representatives (from 2000-2004) and then in the Montana Senate (from 2004-2010). The purpose of this post is to analyze his voting record on immigration bills that have come before him.

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Refuting Jon Tester’s Anti-Immigrant Positions

Jon Tester (D-MT) is facing a tough run for re-election to the U.S. Senate, but he just keeps giving progressives more reasons not to vote for him. His track record on immigration issues has been abysmal, as I've written about before. Make no mistake about it -- Tester is probably the worst Democrat in the Senate on the issue of immigration, and he is one of the most vocal. The way he talks about the issue, you would think Montana wasn't one of the states with the least number of immigrants in the whole country.

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Why the term "anchor babies" is offensive and inaccurate.

The term "anchor babies" is one of the most offensive and pejorative terms being thrown around when talking about immigrants. It is based on the false belief that when an immigrant has a baby in the United States, that prevents the child's parents from being removed and gives them some form of immigration status. That is not true. In actuality, a child can only confer immigration status to his or her parent when the child reaches age 21. Every years, tens of thousands of parents of U.S. citizen are deported -- amounting to over 100,000 deportations over the last ten years.

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HB 392 Would Violate the 14th Amendment By Purporting to Strip Montana Citizenship from Children of Immigrants and Dual Citizens

Rep. James Knox, a Republican, has introduced a bill hat purports to "reinterpret" the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and strip citizenship from certain children of immigrants and dual citizens. The hearing on this unconstitutional and bigoted bill was heated. Only one person spoke in support of the bill, with a dozen opponents -- including me -- speaking against it.

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HB 302 Would Make Roads Less Safe By Requiring Driver's License Tests in English Only

The anti-immigrant bills continue to be introduced in the Montana Legislature. Rep. Janna Taylor (a Republican) introduced a mean-spirited and pointless bill that would restrict driver's license tests to English only. This bill won’t save any money, time or resources. This bill succeeds in only one thing — marginalizing non-English speakers.

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Testimony in Opposition to HB 274, the "Report Your Neighbors" Bill

I previously posted a video of the proponent testimony in favor of HB 274, a bill that would encourage Montanans to report their neighbors to the authorities on suspicion that they are not authorized for employment. In their testimony, the proponents clearly demonstrated the risk that racial profiling and xenophobia would result in baseless complaints. I have now compiled a video of our opposition testimony.

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