Pro Bono Services

Pro Bono Services

The Border Crossing Law Firm believes that every immigration client deserves legal advice and assistance from a qualified attorney.  Our immigration system is complex, and seemingly innocent mistakes can have serious ramifications.  Therefore, the Firm volunteers to provide free legal services to especially disadvantaged clients who fall below the federal poverty line, do not possess other assets, are not receiving sufficient support from family or friends, and cannot afford to pay for legal services.  The Firm does not receive any federal funding or grant money to do this work.  It is done purely as a volunteer effort.

Shahid and asylum clients 2The Firm has successfully represented numerous pro bono clients in connection with their removal
proceedings, applications for adjustment of status, and other immigration issues.

The Firm is proud to have won political asylum for seven pro bono clients who suffered persecution in their home countries and sought refuge in the United States.  These clients came to the United States from Eritrea, Togo, Zimbabwe, and the Ivory Coast.  The Firm is presently representing additional pro bono asylum clients.

The Firm has limited time and resources to handle pro bono cases, and takes a number of factors into account when deciding whether to accept a case on a pro bono basis.  These factors include the resources available to the client, the relative need of the client as compared to other potential pro bono clients, the availability of relief, and the likelihood of obtaining this relief.

If you need immigration help and believe you may qualify for pro bono assistance, please follow these steps:

  • Please click here to consult the latest poverty standards from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  To qualify for pro bono assistance, you must fall below the poverty line. There are different poverty standards depending upon your family or household size.
  • Call the Firm at (888) 595-2004 or schedule a telephone consultation by submitting our online form.
  • If the Firm believes that it may be able to take your case, it will arrange for you to be screened to confirm your financial eligibility.

If the Border Crossing Law Firm accepts your case on a pro bono basis, the Firm will waive all of its legal fees and provide you with free legal advice and assistance in connection with your immigration matter.  Please note that you will remain financially responsible for any relevant application or filing fees that are required by the government or the court, as well as any necessary travel expenses.

If you have any questions about the pro bono services offered by the Border Crossing Law Firm, please do not hesitate to call at (888) 595-2004 or e-mail


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